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Red eyes wandered over to the one he considered a friend as soon as he stood up faster than himself to get off the dust from his dark robes. Mimicking the movements of getting up and cleaning his textiles, he nodded, which made his large bear mask bob up and down even the tiniest bit. “Sure~! It’s not that easy to get rid of me~” He chirped back happily, relieved that there was no real harm done after all. This stairs had been the lenght that was usual for Death City after all, and that was a good bit. He clapped some small dust clouds out of his suit coat once more before straightening his back.

The older one made a huffing sound, an amused one. “I didn’t knew ya were in town as well!” Truth to be told, before meeting them face to face he also hadn’t been told that Yumi and Marie were common visitors here now after the awakening of the Kishin. Only Spirit was the mere one that was logical to be at the center of events, seeing how this was his continental area of charge. “Nevertheless it’s good to see ya again. I mean I haven’t heard anything for a good while from you or the Europe headquarters.” It wasn’t like he actually bothered to ask, assuming that he would be informed when one of his friends - or collegues - was in some kind of trouble or distress.

At least that was what he had hoped for. But from what it looked like nothing worse than the fall down the stairs with someone nearly a head taller than himself had happened before, everything was still in place. Nothing broken, no band aids. Even if he’d might want to get one now, seeing how he had a small area of ruptured skin on one of his cheeks. “Then again I guess everyone was kinda busy, especially with what is going on for the last few weeks all around the globe…” Keeping the Kishin Eggs at bay was no problem by now, but if the waves of madness grew any stronger they might face a serious issue sooner or later. No matter if in Asia, Oceania, Europe or Africa.

     He ached a bit from the fall, smacking his head against the ground wasn’t the best feeling. Leaning over, he gripping the hand rail to the stairs and placed his over hand over his face to help gather his bearings about him. “I wouldn’t think so, you have that little trick up your sleeve, hm?” In fact, there wasn’t a single soul in this world that could run once Tezca had a reflection of them. Justin wasn’t unaware of how powerful and tricky this man could be. Not someone to by underestimated, even if he acted a fool.

     ”Yes, same for you.” He only knew of Spirit being here, who was already stationed in Death City. That, Yumi and Marie, who were at the meeting with him. Tezca was late, it lead the Priest into wondering if he ever even arrived. Looks like he did. He fell silent, checking himself for any more wounds. Nothing, except the small dab of crimson against his cheek. When did he? Huh, Justin must have fumbled around in the fall a lot more than he thought he did. Using his dark sleeve, he wiped the blood away to forget it was ever there. “I've had my hands full.” The boy agreed. It would have been nice, being updated whenever something was happening. An arrival of a new Deathscythe should have been important. Spirit didn't even tell him, then again, they didn't speak much.

    —He didn’t speak to anyone much. “Are you alright, Tezca?” A small hint of concern, pale eyebrows creasing as he looked over the mans now rumpled wear.

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Okay this is kinda a tribute to ずんだもちこ and their great Justin/Giriko/Tezca fanarts! I used a picture of them as a reference for the profile view and that’s where I got the pattern for Tezca from as well! It’s not traced but I have to admit that I used this as a heavy reference for his mask.


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Reunion | InCarnificem


Tezca continued to stare at the clouds and the sun and was more than distracted by thinking about nothing, actually. Pacing out for a bit without falling down such a long stairway was an arts in itself and would only work out for so long. And it was one that the demon mirror clearly had not mastered yet, as it was only a matter of time before one leg missed the spot it was supposed to go and he lost his balance with a shriek. “…!” In the split second of the fall he turned his head downwards out of reflex and that was when the other male came into his field of vision. That had not only meant that he’d get to see his old companion again, but that it would be very hard to dodge this fall properly.

It proved to be a truth as instead of catching himself with his hands on the ground somehow he basically took the priest down with him. Unintentionally that was, and hopefully not hurting him. Not that there was any time to comprehend what was going on until he found himself and Justin laying at the bottom of the stairs with a good bunch of scratches all over. “Ugh…” Trying to get up the mexican realized that he and the other were a tangled mess of arms and legs, so just getting up with required to move away from the other Deathscythe first. “Good afternoon…” He mumbled, fiddling around while trying to get off the dusty ground. “Dear Lord Death are you alright?” Was the next thing he asked.

That was a rather painful first meeting again after all this time, and he wouldn’t be able to really forgive himself it Justin already got away with any injuries or broken bones. Not that he hoped that he’d get any of these because of Tezca, but right away after not even hearing from one another after such a long time the term ‘rough welcome’ couldn’t suit their situation any better.

     Wait. What was he—Agh! No. He was too busy being stunned at the sudden sight of the man he was thinking about, how did he not notice his usual air of clumsiness? So help him—if Tezca falls on him he will never let him live it down. All those years if training in agility did nothing to help him now. “Why?!” Seemed to be the only question that could leave him. Why now? Why him? Even years after being apart, Tezca still seemed to just have this gift of bring his world down, literally. The natural human body reaction was to protect itself, arms shooting out and grabbing hold of his “attackers” suit top. If I’m going down you’re going down with me.

     The landing wasn’t graceful, hard enough to knock his headphones loose. They felt comfortable so he shook his head, both of them popping out after a few seconds. After his priorities (headphones) were taken care of, he blinked the dizziness away. So—Tezca’s okay. Despite being tackled and tangled with a Bear, it wasn’t much a reunion that he wouldn’t have expected from him.

                                                                      “…Good afternoon, Tezca.”

     He moved around, untangling himself from the man. After a bit of a struggled he pushed himself up, dusting himself off “Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.” Justin frowned slightly, looking at him, not visible injures, a bit dusty. “Are you alright?” Well, this was one way of breaking the ice.


"OH FINE. See if I ask you to give the last rites!" HMF.


     ”I will always have last rites, Spirit. Always.”

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Reunion | InCarnificem


He was out there for a walk, coming back from delivering paperworks. What time was it again? Tezca looked up and tried to tell it by the position of the sun, but to no avail. Judging by the luminaries expression, however, he guessed that it was late afternoon, not evening yet. The merciles burning sunrays supported this assumption. He sighed slightly and continued to walk down the stairs from the plateu with the schools building that hovered above the city like it was not even part of it anymore. Just why where they keeping the campus seperated from the rest of the town and downtown again?

Perhaps it was just a designer thing without any deeper meaning. Or perhaps it symbolized something. Not that the mirror would know, as he never bothered to have a look into the cities history records. Tapping down the sand yellow steps he continued to look around the area. From above it seemed so small. Yet he was pretty sure that Death City was the biggest desert city next to Las Vegas in the whole country, if not on the whole planet. It was weird, to think how they were able to somehow get water into the middle of nowhere. And even enough to have loads of green areas as well! It kind of reminded him of Dubai, from what he had seen on pictures at least.

     It wasn’t long after Justin’s own arrival to this literally deserted City that the Mysterious bear was soon to follow. Of course, he hadn’t heard of the Deathscythe’s appearance, then again, he doesn’t much hear anything. So coming back, parking his buggy and ruffling the sand from his hair, he didn’t think twice about the possibilities of meeting up with the self-proclaimed best friend. Someone Justin had willingly, and without much regret, became estranged to. Of course, he remembers Tezca Tlipoca. He wasn’t a character easy to forget, the man made an impact where ever he went. The big bear head was one thing, his personality and persistence was another.

     Oh good Lord—Tezca. There was a character Justin just couldn’t handle. The man was friendly, very much so. Sometimes. Justin even liked seeing him around, a sort of…familiarity. Seeing him had been something he was used to, in fact, the Deathscythe made such an impression the Altar boy would actually stick around certain spots to see what he was up to. It was a very…peaceful one sided friendship. Very once sided. He never offered much of anything besides a few hums and some…sort of eye contact. With all of this going on around them, Justin wondered if there was a reason that Tezca hadn’t shown up yet. Was he—okay? No, if something happened to him they would surely let him know, wouldn’t they?

      Of course. Pondering about all of this, he looked up and—No way. What are the odds? It seemed that exact moment was fate for them to meet again, because he walked only a few feet in front of him and froze like a deer in headlights.


     ”———-Drama Queen.”

     ”I need to apologize—I didn’t tell you that I was leaving.”

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